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Regular Season 2017-2018
2017-2018 x Regular Season
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Please remember
No parents and/or outside guests are allowed in the locker rooms.  
Cell phones and cameras are totally  forbidden. 
Each team is providing a locker room monitor to insure that the rules are followed.  
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Rick Baughman
House Director  

Mouth Guards

Don't forget your mouth guards!!!

Rick Baughman

House Director - Squirts/Bantams


Amy Sempek-Eyre

Pee Wee Commissioner

Game Play Rules

Game Play

3 Minute Warm-Up
3 – 12 Minute Periods, Stop Clock
60 Minute Curfew – running clock if times is running short
Minor Penalties - 1:30

5-Goal Differential (in 3rd Period)
Running clock until goal differential is less than 5 goals or game time expires

No timeouts allowed in league play.

Home Team is the team playing on their home ice. If playing another home team the home team is listed second on the schedule.

Home team supplies score sheet

Home team runs the clock – visiting team keeps the stats on the scoresheet

Each team supplies two off-ice officials (penalty box, scorer’s table) The team that does not provide 2 off-ice officals to fulfull these positions will forfiet the game.

Squirts - Pee Wees – Bantams
No short handed icing this season.

  1. Fighting will not be tolerated. Any player who receives a penalty for fighting will automatically be suspended for the next two league games. Any player who receives more than one penalty for fighting during the course of a single season, may be suspended for more than two games following notice and a hearing before the Board.

  1. Any player who receives a game misconduct penalty will automatically be suspended for the next league game.

vi. In accordance with USA Hockey rules, any player who receives 5 penalties in a single game will be assessed a game misconduct penalty.

vii. All players should be given approximately equal playing time, except for special teams or a reduction in playing time due to injury or as a result of the imposition of team discipline.


Home Team - Away Team - Clock - Score Sheet


If you arer playing in Omaha, your team is the home team. If you are playing at Fremont or Lincoln, you are the visiting team. The home team runs the clock and one pentalty box. The visiting team does the score sheet and one pentalty box.