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Bylaw Announcement

By Omaha Hockey Club, 03/28/19, 12:45PM CDT


Dear Association Members,

The board of directors will be proposing the following amendments to our by laws at the Annual Association meeting next month.  This is just a first step in an effort to clean up our by laws that haven't changed for years.

The first proposed change is to remove all references to AAA program in our bylaws.  The Midwest Hockey Association a couple years ago decided to separate Tier I programs from Tier II program so based on that change the Omaha AAA program is not longer part of the Omaha Hockey Club.  Removing the references to AAA will complete this transition.

The second and final proposed change for this year is to remove the limitation of board members to serve for a maximum of 3, 2 year terms.  The change is not required since board member’s terms last only 2 years, and therefore the Association has the opportunity to vote in new members every two years.  This change also serves the Association by allowing members that are performing well and willing to serve beyond three years to continue in their current position.  Finally, this change would prevent issues the could arise should a board member complete their third term and not having anyone volunteer to fill the position.  

These changes will be voted on in the beginning of the Association meeting.  Thank you for your consideration.

Doug Ziska
President - Omaha Hockey Club
m – 402.679.9682