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Xplosive Edge

About Xplosive Edge


Xplosive Edgeis a training facility in Omaha, Nebraska that has been helping athletes for over ten years. We help athletes reach their highest potential of performance while making safety and well-being a top priority. Our atmosphere is competitive, exciting, and motivational! Our staff is made up of professional coaches, sports nutritionists, and other health professionals. We teach proper nutritional fueling tactics, reduce athletes’ chances of sport injuries, and increase performance. We offer a number programs for adults, teens, and children and semi-pro and professional athletes. We work with volleyball and football clubs in the area. Whether you’re a high school volleyball player, a professional hockey player, or want to get your body to its highest performance potential, we can help.



If you are unable to make it to a workout for school or school related activities please call or text coach Harrahill or coach Kinder.  Remember this is the player's responsibility to reach out to the head coaches.

# Group 1 # Group 2
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
3 Paul Spence 2 Jackson Walvoord
6 Davis Mardesen 4 Brooks Eyler
11 Zach Farnsworth 5 Josiah Roby
14 Owen Pink 8 Quinn Fitzpatrick
16 Andrew Miller 19 Hudson Sidoruk
18 Eli Simard 23 Ben Parsons
20 Wyatt Wagner 28 Jayden Ish
21 Ryan Knapp 31 Kaden Allred
22 Michael Chase 53 Rhett Werner
27 Zach Erstad 62 Brody Banaszak
29 Vincent D'Agosto 66 Tony Newton
32 Jaden Salado 71 Nolan Fitzpatrick
34 Taylor Ross 76 Denver Stachum
42 Owen Mills 77 Jackson Lundgren
51 Nate Koborg 80 Gavin Barnhart
72 Tyler Nguyen 88 Gavin Montiel - Cline
73 Sam Parker 90 Cody Parsons
75 Bryce Badura 93 Yano Anzalone
91 Lachlan Wilmers 94 Josh Bedore