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House Teams

A HUGE thank you to all of you for your generous donations for the Joust and Banquet.  We truly appreciate your dedication and support!  We also want to thank the following people for their help this past season:  Christ Hoekstra, Tabby Pegler-Haines, Tiffany Singh, Bradly Stefka, Jason Poole, Rachel Stearnes, Tifani Anderson, Kim Whitehill, Brian White, all of our Coaches, Team Managers, Locker Room Monitors, Refs, and the OHC Board.  Together we made this season one for the memory books for all of the players and their families. 

Continue to enjoy watching your young players play the game they love and support them to the fullest.  Someday you will be sitting in the stands watching them Coach their own team and seeing your grandchildren taking to the ice for their first time.  These young players will be passing on the teachings they've been taught to a new generation of hockey players.  Keep cheering, supporting, and don't forget to spread good sportsmanship.  Thank you all for a fantastic season!

Rick and Bonnie



Squirt Championships

 North Stars

Coach Jamie Conn 
Asst. Coach Tony Ivaskevicius


Second Place Team
Coach Aaron Mobry
Asst. Coach Casey Samulson
Asst. Coach Bill Mckinney


Pee Wee Championships


Coach David Nashalook
Asst. Coach Andy Beemer
Asst. Coach DJ Nashalook

Second Place Team

Coach Allan Carr
Asst. Coach Karry Baughman
Asst. Coach Tammie Evans


 Team Standings 


NO parents, guests, unauthorized personal cell phones, and cameras are allowed in the locker rooms. The only ones allowed are the players, coaches and locker room monitors. If you are interested in being a monitor, please contact me or your commissioner.

House Division Coach's Game

What a Fantastic Night!

We want to thank all of our House Coaches for puttting on an awesome game last night.  The number of supporters that came out to watch was amazing!  Not only did your players enjoy watching you but, so did the parents.   Thank you all for your dedication and the time you give to teaching our players the game.

Congratulations Bantam Division Champions
Coach Greg Smith
Asst. Coach Fritz Carter
Asst. Coach Pat Earl

Congratulations Bantam 2nd Place
Coach Amrit Singh
Asst. Coach JR Nano