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Initiation Program

Regular Season First Time Skaters
First Time Skaters x Regular Season

IP Updates

Thank you to all the players, coaches, and parents for a great end to the 2018 Spring IP session. Take some good time off, and we will see everyone in a month or so. 

2018-19 IP Season Info

Practices will be held Monday evenings and Saturday mornings at Grover Ice Rink.  Your practice time will be determined by the coaches during the first practice and more specific information will be sent out the week prior to the season start with regards to when your player should come for the first practice. 

Please contact myself or the IP commissioner with any questions at or

IP News

If you would like to purchase a Jr Lancer's black hockey jersey ($20) and/or hockey socks ($10) they will be available the first night of practice.  (checks only please)

Mid-season you can contact the IP commissioner at for Jr. Lancers jersey and sock orders.

Thank you,

IP Commissioner 


2018-19 Initiation Program (IP) Season Info

IP 2018-2019  Fall/Winter Schedule

Practice times @ Grover Ice Rink

  • Red - Monday 6:00 PM, Saturday 9:15 AM
  • White - Monday 6:45 PM, Saturday 10:15 AM
  • Blue - Monday 7:30 PM, Saturday 11:15 AM

All practices for fall/winter will be at Grover Ice Rink 

Interested in Coaching

We are in need of IP Coaches.  Please contact Matt Moragues, OHC IP/Mite director, at or Heather Neubauer  IP Commissioner, at, if you would be willing to help!!  I can help direct you with what needs to be done to help with coaching if you have not already coached before as it must be done prior to stepping on the ice.

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We had an incident where a hockey player was almost hit by the Zamboni.  The driver had to lock the brakes to avoid colliding with him.  He was simply standing next to the boards by the bench and decided to skate across the ice but didn't look to see where the Zamboni was.  It has always been our policy that when performing an ice clean all skaters, except for net movers, need to be off the ice.  However, lately is seems that more and more guys are cutting across the ice to get to the bench during a clean and then there will be some people stretching next to the benches or simply standing on the ice next to the boards.

Going forward, with the exception of net movers, no one is allowed on the ice during a clean.  If someone gets on the ice after the Zamboni is already on the ice performing a clean, the drivers will simply exit the ice surface and the clean will be forfeited.  The goal of this policy is SAFETY. Please spread the word among your skaters so that everyone is aware of this policy.  

IP - The Initiation Program


The Initiation Program (IP) is designed to offer a fun and safe learning environment where players focus on:

  • The basic skills and rules of ice hockey
  • Concepts of playing on a team
  • Cooperation and fair play
  • Develops of coordination, balance, and fine motor skills
The ultimate goal of the initiation program is to instill an enjoyment of the game and a desire to continue to play the game at more advanced levels.

The IP Program gives players the chance to learn and improve critical hockey skills such as Skating, Puck Handling, Passing and Shooting all while having fun.

OHC IP utilizes the American Development Model (ADM).

ADM was created with the a core design that valued practices and proper training above all else.

The design of ADM stresses that practices can and should be fun, especially if the kids are all playing together and having a blast with a game that they love. The more they play it, the better chance that they’ll love it. And when you combine a passion for the game with increased puck time, kids will start to excel at it. Play, love, excel. That’s the ADM.

While in the development stages of ADM, it became apparent that critical areas in our system were neglecting kids at a very early age. All children progress through the same development stages and certain aspects of these stages must be addressed at the appropriate points along the development curve in order for our children to reach their potential.  ADM provides maximum player development through age-appropriate structure and content.

Without developing skills and certain physical and mental attributes at the appropriate time, the long-term prospects of becoming a truly elite player diminish each day.

Learn more about the ADM

New to hockey help videos

Use the videos below to help get acclimated to different parts of youth hockey.

Dress for Hockey 101

How to get dressed video

Heather Neubauer

Heather Neubauer

IP Commissioner

Matt Moragues

Matt Moragues

IP / Mite Director