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Westside Warriors

Regular Season 2017-2018
2017-2018 x Regular Season

End of Season

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic season!  So proud of our boys for their 4th place finish in the State Tournament!  Here they are the night after they beat Creighton for the second time!


Congratulations to the

2017 Fall Freeze Champions!!!

Hard Working Man Award!

This award goes to the hardest working player of the game!  

3/11/18 - Alex Bolduc

3/7/18 - Tyson Haney

1/28/18 - Adam Fletcher

1/24/18 - Cam Kully

1/17/18 - Mike Shilken

1/14/18 - Ben Kruszka

1/10/18 - Sky Madison

12/20/17 - Matt Colwell

12/17/17 - Noah Kelley

12/10/17 - Avery Drew who faced 41 shots on goal in the win over Tri City!

Way to Go!!!!

Mike Hickey with Hat Trick #3 and almost #4!  2/14/2018


Westside's All Stars:

Mike Hickey, Henry Zipay, Ben Kruszka, Michael Schilken

Goalie: Avery Drew

Coach:  Tom Shaffer


Mike Hickey with a second Hat Trick!  12/10/2017


MIke Hickey with a Hat Trick! 12/3/2017


Henry Zipay with a Hat Trick!  11/19/17

Mike Hickey with a Playmaker! 11/19/17

Avery Drew with his second Shutout!  11/19/17


Avery Drew with his first Shutout! 10/29/17


Tom Shaffer


Phone: 402-980-8081

Mike Schilken

Asst Coach

Phone: 402-290-2900

Scott "MOOSE" Madison



Suze Bolduc


Phone: 4026807054


Scott Hickey


Westside News!

Westside Hockey in the News

Read this great article about the Westside Hockey Team!

Twitter Account

Follow us on Twitter! Westside Hockey (@WestsideHockey)

Watch our games online!

Miss one of our games? Just have to see that incredible play one more time? You can watch our games here! Thanks to team Videographer Scott Hickey!


Mike Hickey

Team Captain

Assistant Captain

Adam Fletcher

Assistant Captain

Assistant Captain

Henry Zipay

Assistant Captain

Alumni Game

The Alumni Game was 12/27 at 6:15 at Baxter/Holland!!

And the winner was.... the current team!   Way to go guys!


Westside Volunteering!

Parents and friends, 

We need your help to make our program a success!  You can help by clicking on the links below to sign up for times to help!  For every game we need two volunteers this year:

NOTE:  If I don't get people to volunteer for the clock and scoresheet I am going to start making assignments.  That will be done by random draw.  Please don't make me resort to that!

Clock or Scoresheet:  

Depending on whether we are the home team (Clock) or the away team (Scoresheet) we will need a parent to serve in the box to cover this duty.  If you need training on this, please contact Suze and she will train you!

Penalty Box:

Not that our boys ever commit penalties, but just in case we need a parent to let them in and out of the sin bin!